The devil's new weapon against christianity

Some of the most recent data available states there are over 420 million pages of porn currently available on the internet. Here are some more interesting facts for us to chew on.  Sixty per cent of all website visits are sexual in nature. $2.84 billion in revenue was generated from US porn sites in 2006, $89 per second is spent on porn, 72 per cent of porn viewers are men, 260 new porn sites go online daily and 35 per cent of internet downloads are pornographic in nature. Age has nothing to do with viewing internet porn, in fact from the age of 18 onwards it is almost an even spread. The porn industry is driven by money and greed. A high percentage of porn stars have drug addictions and suffer from depression and internal injuries from the unnatural acts they have to perform; it is not rare for a porn star to commit suicide or die from some sexually transmitted disease.

Internet porn is the devil’s new weapon against Christianity. With internet history cleaners you can hide your secret sin from your family and on the surface it seems like an easy thing to cover up. But for a few moments of so-called pleasure, the shame you have to live with is not worth it.

From a biblical viewpoint, looking at porn is the same as engaging in an adulterous affair. It is a marriage destroyer, it takes a sound mind and mixes it up with filth, and it can drive mental illness such as depression. Porn damages relationships, not only with people but with God.

I once heard a preacher put it like this, “Looking at porn is like getting a blood transfusion from hell”.
The same preacher recommended the following, “If that computer of yours is causing you to sin then put an axe through it. It is not worth going to hell over.” That is great advice.

I personally know a lot of married men who are devoted husbands and strong believers, but pornography has its hold on them. A man cannot fully function when living in secret sexual sin. A real man is someone who is proud of who he is, but how can you be proud if you are bogged down by this sexual sin? Pornography works like this: it gives you just enough to get you hooked and because of the shame attached to the act of visual adultery the person feels worthless, dirty, and trapped. So when the temptation comes again it becomes harder and harder to overcome. So if you are struggling with internet porn then here are some ideas to help you get over it.

1. Bring your secret sin to the light. You need to see a good friend, pastor or elder, and bring it to the light. It will have the same effect as smashing the modem. Keeping yourself honest and accountable is the most powerful way to overcome this addiction.

2. Reduce your internet speed, go to dial up. Most porn sites are driven by large amount of graphics and video and dial up is too slow to handle it, and so by the time the page has loaded you are over it, or your wife/husband has come home! I can hear all the excuses, but what do you need the internet for? Emails, facebook and news? If so, dial up can handle that. Do not lose your mind, your marriage or your soul over broadband internet.

3. Get an internet filter: the best filter I have come across is Safe Eyes. I have been able to get around every other filter but this one. They even have a filter for your iphone. Getting an internet filter doesn’t mean you have a problem, it means you want to protect your family, marriage and salvation.

4.Get rid of the internet in your home. Out of sight, out of mind. This could be a marriage saver. Check your emails at an internet café and go and spend some time with your children and partner.

5.Control your thoughts: What do you spend your time thinking about? The Bible says it should be this, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable — if anything is excellent or praiseworthy — think about such things.
If you start thinking about that dirt you saw you will start to have fantasies about it. Repent at the very time your mind starts drifting off.

6. Never go on the internet when you are tired: this is when your mind and will is at the weakest point. It is a fact that you are more open to suggestion and you cannot control yourself the same when you are tired. So have some self-control and set boundaries in your life.

On a finishing note, you wouldn’t take pornography to church and look at it while the preacher is preaching, would you? Well, God is just as present in your home as he is at church, you’re not hiding anything from God, he sees it all.

These actions can only take you so far, you must realise that you have sinned against God and you need to ask for forgiveness, ask for the power of the Holy Spirit to break the chain of addiction and remove the images from your mind. Without the help of the Holy Spirit you will never be able to fully overcome.

1. 1/3/2010.
4. Philippians 4:8 NIV