How Clarify Your Message so People Engage with You

in 5 simple steps

Have you ever heard the term “Red Sea Market”? it is a common term in the business world. The thought behind this term is a busy market place where everyone is discounting or heavily marketing a product just being seen. The imagery behind this terminology is a mass shark attack, where the ocean becomes red with blood […]

Shark Attack

Be more concerned about your character than your reputation.  Reputation is partial truth at best. Character is who you really are.


Is your Blog Ugly?

Why The Visual Appearance Of Your Blog Matters

Eye candy! It is true that we are attracted to what looks good to us. When it comes to websites and traffic, form and function is just 50% for the equation. The other 50% is the visual components of your blog. If it looks ugly, your viewers won’t come back, no matter how good your content is. There […]


One Simple Upgrade to Speed up your Mac

works on any computer

If you are anything like me your computer is like an extend arm or a major body part. You really cannot work without it and so when your computer slows down, it makes life very difficult. Apart from blogging and digital entrepreneur mentoring I also build websites, photoshop, edit videos and other creative things. So computer speed is very […]